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About Prolash

Specialists in Eyelash Extension Design & Training

A Little About ProLash

ProLash is an Australian company that is providing professional premium grade products, eyelash extension training and service to salons, lash stylists & clients around Australia and the world. A little About ProLash


We pride ourselves on our advanced eyelash extension products and application techniques to give the most natural feeling lashes whilst adding length and volume to open and glamorise the eye area.


ProLash lashes come in a large range of lengths, thicknesses and curves so your lash enhancements can be ‘individually styled’ to suit the natural eyelashes, lash line and eye shape to best compliment your face.

Our application of individual eyelash extensions and styling methods ensures that the natural lash cycle can continue as normal therefore maintaining the health of the natural eyelashes whilst wearing ProLash eyelash extensions.

Prolash Raining - About Us


ProLash provides comprehensive eyelash extension training and support to salons and single practitioners around the world. Our training takes learning the skill of eyelash enhancement to a new level with our advanced 

training methods and styling philosophy.

At Prolash our main focus is maintaining the natural lash cycle by ensuring the application of a single lash enhancement to ‘one’ natural lash at a time.

This means if applied correctly, the natural lash cycle can continue naturally, therefore incurring no damage to the natural eyelashes, so you/your client can wear eyelash extensions for years to come!


About Prolashfx Strip Lashes Melbourne

Lashes are a must have to complete any look. Often it is hard to find a set that are comfortable, light weight and suitable for everyday wear. That is why ProLash has launched an exciting range of high quality lashes ‘ProLashFX’ for the everyday consumer and professional makeup artists.

ProLash FX strip lashes have been designed to suit any eye shape with two core purposes – one being beauty and the other being on comfort and protecting the delicate eye area.

All lashes can be applied daily for up to one month! Each set of lashes comes with a professional grade adhesive that is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Currently available in 8 different styles from natural to dramatic with more alluring designs to be released soon.